Making Decisions

Making Decisions

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This important and practical book is a sequel to One on One with God, showing how to apply principles from God's Word in making decisions. Whether you're a strong believer, a new believer, or a skeptic, this book is a must read.

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In Making Decisions Based on God’s Specific Personal Promises, you will discover the joy and excitement of walking daily in the light of His Word. This is a Scripture-based book that will immerse you in Scripture and challenge you to surrender to the Lordship of Christ as you make decisions.

“Every area of the Christian life operates by faith. But faith is not something the believer merely thinks or feels. Faith is acting on the revealed will of God. Jerry and Marilyn Fine show us how the will of God is clearly revealed to the believer who is surrendered to the Lordship of Christ...This book moves us beyond the theoretical and into the practical application of God's truth. It is a book you will both treasure and share, a book to which you will return again and again. So turn the page and let the journey of faith begin.”

-Tom Elliff
Former President
International Mission Board
Southern Baptist Convention

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